As a sales person, project manager, purchaser or CEO within the Group, you are often faced with presenting your offer, your business or your idea. 

To increase your impact as a presenter and thus succeed even better in your work, we have developed a course in presentation skills. 

This course is a one-day course where we go through different presentation situations and how we establish a structure in our performance. We also look at body language, how we use our voice and what aids we can use. 

We also  go through MS PowerPoint in order to enhance you knowledge of the tool. 

Where, when, how and for whom?

The Presentation Technology course is aimed at those who in your work need to present and speak successfully to a group.  

This course is a one day course, held at Addtech’s office at Birger Jarlsgatan 43 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Example of content

  • The basics of rhetoric - old theories interspersed with new
  • Preparation and management of nervousness and pressure
  • Structure your presentation in 5 steps - works for all types of presentations
  • Different types of introduction to generate interest
  • Question techniques to engage the audience - what type of questions are best for a presentation
  • Handle audiences who are not interested
  • Body language for increased impact
  • Voice and pauses to reinforce your message
  • PowerPoint as a presentation tool - 10 concrete tips that make you better right away
  • Finishing methods to energise all the audience
  • Present eye to eye or via Teams - advantages, disadvantages and important things to keep in mind