An introduction to purchasing – the Addtech way. This training gives you a good basis for understanding how purchasing can impact your company´s product costs and optimize inventories and processes.

Today’s business world is moving faster and faster. To create profitability throughout the value chain, you need to gain control over all parts of your everyday business, not least when it comes to purchasing. In this course, we cover the whole purchasing process, with its different roles and phases. You will increase your understanding of how you with simple measures can create purchasing processes that contribute to the company´s profitability. Of course, Addtech’s key performance indexes are implemented in the course, and we will go through how they and other tools can be applied to your company.

This course provides hands-on tips and tools that will help you to find and prioritize cost savings, evaluate different kinds of purchases, and evaluate potential and existing suppliers. 

Where, when, how and for whom?

This suits everyone who works with company purchases or call-off agreements and wants to create the right circumstances to take control over costs related to purchases and help take the company to the next level. 

The training is held over a day and a half in Gothenburg, Sweden. You will need to do some preparations before, and homework afterward. 

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Example of content

  • The purchasing process
  • Purchasing role in the organization
  • Purchasing strategies
  • Negotiation and agreement
  • Supplier selection and supplier relationships
  • Call-off and warehouse security
  • Toolbox