A hands-on training for you in a service role and who want to feel comfortable in sales and customer communication and thereby capture the opportunity to contribute both to more satisfied customers and increased growth.

The training includes many hands-on tools and tips for people with customer interaction. The training aims to strengthen behavior as an active means of competition. Very few customer support functions, service technicians or project managers want to be associated with the "pushy seller". However, most people want to be perceived as the competent person and add value and advise the customer how to get the most out of their already made or intended investment / collaboration. We will make it clear the difference between sales and service behavior. We will also give concrete suggestions for a sales clearance initiative and train HOW to take these in different customer situations. 

The training includes a section on managing dissatisfied customers and how we can turn these to our future ambassadors for you, the company and Addtech.

Where, when, how and for whom?

The training is carried out physically for 2 full days incl. overnight stay & dinner

The training is suitable for people with a lot of customer contact and in a service role. Ex Service Technicians, Project Managers, Customer Service Staff, Technical Engineers and people who want and need to develop in simpler sales and customer communication.

Please note that the course is only available to employees within the Addtech Group.

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Example of content

  • Behavior as an active means of competition
  • Difference positive sales and service behavior
  • Possible sales initiatives
  • Optimal customer meeting
  • Effective customer communication with customer value
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Suggest improvement with customer value

Desired effects:

  • Increased motivation for upselling and more satisfied customers
  • Increased security in upselling to existing customers
  • Better customer communication and reduced risk of misunderstanding
  • Better management of dissatisfied customers
  • Increased network and best practice sharing within Addtech