“The structure, consisting of two days of education and associated homework, is very effective and lets you truly implement everything in your role as a sales leader immediately”



As a sales leader, you are responsible for generating results through your salespeople, regardless of whether your formal role is CEO or sales manager. The ambitious sales leadership programme provides the opportunity to gradually implement several different tools in your daily activities and then assess and discuss them. The programme includes a solid theoretical foundation in several different areas of sales and leadership. Theory is also mixed with role-playing and workshops. One important programme element is learning from others in the same situation in the Addtech Group. We exchange experiences and grow together throughout the course of the programme.

The sales leadership programme was first held in October 2016.

How, where and for whom?

The Sales Leadership at Addtech course is not open to the general public, but it is possible to submit a notification of interest in participation. The course is designed for CEOs and sales managers in the Addtech Group.

The programme runs over the course of ten months, with sessions held on 2+2+2+2+1 days.

We start each module 09.30. Sales management in Addtech is an exciting and demanding program, which means that you need to attend all modules and be present throughout the course. It is therefore not advisable to book transportation from each conference venue earlier than 16.00 for each module.

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Notification of interest Sales Leadership at Addtech

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Notification of interest only

Please be aware that this is only a notification of interest. A possible invitation to participate in the course will come from Addtech Academy.

Examples of content

  • Analysis of the sales organization and sales behaviors
  • Responsibilities and tasks for a sales manager
  • To guide goals on both results and efforts
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Building a strong and proactive sales culture
  • DISC analysis as a tool for understanding and development
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Team meetings and group coaching
  • Homework and degree project