The number of digital customer meetings is steadily increasing, and the trend is clear – it will only continue to increase regardless of the type of sales we are working on. There are a number of challenges, ranging from purely technical and use of Teams (or other technologies) to customizing sales techniques and presentations. This training deals with all these challenges and provides lots of concrete tips and tricks, like a smorgasbord to pick from.

It is a sales training, which means that the goal is for us to have a greater impact on the customer and drive the sales processes forward. The content can be structured into three parts; technology, presentation techniques and sales techniques. They go into each other and overlap and as a seller you need to master all three fully when booking and conducting digital customer meetings. We use a comprehensive training material with models and checklists that are easy to use in everyday life, in addition, we have a practical part under Module 2 when everyone conducts a digital customer meeting in smaller groups. Then we'll take theory to practice together.

Where, when, how and for whom?

The training is divided into four blocks over two weeks. There are two modules of three hours each that are implemented via Teams, between they are the homework assignments and own training. There's a week between the modules. Finally, it is 20 minutes of individual coaching with the coach, it also takes place via Teams. The training is suitable for anyone who conducts digital customer meetings. Please note that the course is only available to employees within the Addtech Group.

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Example of content

  • Impact level in different types of customer meetings
  • Common challenges and why they arise
  • Book the meeting and remove obstacles and uncertainty
  • Send a professional invitation
  • Preparation and planning
  • Technical tips for Microsoft Teams - complete walkthrough of all features and how they are used
  • Use of body language and voice
  • Create contact and maintain it during the meeting
  • Time management – smart tricks to keep up with more in less time
  • Power Point and other accessibility features
  • Variation involvement with query technique
  • Active listening – how do we get the customer through the whole meeting?
  • Sales technology adapted for digital customer meetings
  • Structure of the meeting and checklist for all parts, from introduction to finish